Princess Aussie: Beca Mitchell - Scarlett VigzJesse Swanson, Beca’s love interest -...


Beca Mitchell - Scarlett Vigz

Jesse Swanson, Beca’s love interest - Adelie Isley

Aubrey Posen - Haili Ryan

Chloe Beale - Aussie Stiefel

Fat Amy - Kendal Isles

Cynthia-Rose Adams, a lesbian member of the Bellas. - OPEN

Stacie Conrad - Delta Trevino

Lilly Onakuramara - Alison Hale

Benji Applebaum - Lillian Isley-Gabor

Bumper Allen - Beckett Isles

Donald, Bumper’s right-hand man, who beatboxes, raps, and is a main vocalist. - OPEN

Luke, the radio station manager who plays Beca’s DJ mixes on the air - OPEN

Tommy, the university’s constantly harassed audition launcher. - OPEN

John Smith, a misogynistic commentator for the ICCAs. - OPEN

Gail Abernathy-McKadden, a commentator for the ICCAs. - OPEN

can i be luke

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i love heath and kassie for our jam session omfg HEY NOW HEY NOW just came on im crying bye!



I see the ratchet side is starting to come out of their caves, this should get interesting.


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my bulletins turned into a pizza party everyone’s invited

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